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Planning your trip

When planning your trip please remember that although our motorhomes are fitted with leisure batteries which will provide power for two to three days of moderate use, you will need to use the electric hook up on a camp site occasionally to keep the batteries topped up. We have generators for hire if hook-ups are not available during your trip.

Please think about how many people are travelling and how long your water tanks will last and plan your campsites in advance so you can refill as required. If you are in doubt of how many water tanks you will require please ask one of our motorhome advisors who will be able to assist you.

Also think about bringing your own bedding/sleeping bags, towels and any other home comforts you may require. If you are planning on purchasing our towel and bedding extra pack this will mean you don’t have to worry about the extra luggage to carry aboard the motorhome. We would like to inform you that by law, motorhomes are restricted to a maximum gross weight of 3,500kg. Please be sensible when packing for your trip to ensure this weight is not exceeded.

It is a good idea to have a route planned to ensure hook ups are available. Most campsites will tell you if there is a hook up point. If a campsite you want to visit doesn’t include option to hire our generator which will provide the facility to charge the battery.

You will be given a helpful and informative handover of your luxury motorhome prior to your journey. During this time we can help you with any traveling tips. Your own vehicle will be parked free of charge at our Cumbria depot for the term you have the motorhome. Directions and our post code are on our contact us page.

For us to help with the handover of your motorhome we require:

  • A valid driving license.
  • A valid Passport.
  • Two documents that are proof of address; less than three months old (e.g. utility bills showing your current address). Your current address must match the address displayed on your driving license and passport so make sure your documents are up to date.

We provide full insurance for the motorhome on hiring meaning you can drive knowing you are covered for any accident that may occur. We also include roadside assistance in the unlikely event of your motorhome breaking down or for any emergency please refer to the emergency pack located in the glove compartment. This has contact telephone numbers and breakdown service details. If there are any problems with your motorhome whilst on your trip, please make sure to let us know and we will do everything we can to assist you.

If you want to take the motorhome outside the UK please inform us when booking your trip. We provide full insurance for EU trips along with a breakdown kit and headlight reflectors for the motorhome.

You are requested to arrive between 14:00 - 16:00, and return from 08:30 - 10:00. If you could call to let us know what time we are to expect you it would be appreciated. If you require luxurious bed and breakfast either side of your trip then contact Low Fell on tel 01229 869304.

All extras should have been requested at the time of booking and these will be ready for you on handover. If you have not requested extras in the way of towels, bedding, generator etc, please contact us a week before you are due to collect your motorhome and we can add these to your motorhome booking.

All our motorhomes have diesel engines. Do please take care when filling up to ensure the correct fuel is used. Please ensure that the motorhome has a full tank of fuel on returning to our depot.

The team at Lakeland Motorhome Hire wish you an enjoyable trip. If you have any questions, or want to talk to somebody about a potential booking, please contact us.